Hello! Let us elaborate what are all the cool things you can do with the Interactive Banner Element.

Simple Interactive Banner with Title on Left (by default)

An image is used with the title, which is by default set to left.

Simple Interactive Banner with Title in Center

You can place your title to the center on the title bar & also you can customize the hover effects.

Image Icon Background and On-Hover Description

You can apply icons to the background simply by using Image Icon and choose to display text on Hover.

Icons with the Title

You can place icons with the title section

Icon on Hover

You can also use the icons with the On-Hover description.

Colored Title Bar

Title Bar color can be changed according to the overall look of your website.

Button Link on Hover

You can apply the read more link button to the On-Hover description

Link Complete Banner

Another example of link on the interactive banner is complete box link

Hover Effects

All Possible Cool Hover Effects Below.

Custom Height

Control the size of the banner with easy settings.